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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Richmond Hill

With experience in crown molding & trim painting, Richmond Hill’s best team ensures complete customer satisfaction. There are many types of millwork in each house and all serve in two ways: to protect and decorate. Painting crown molding and trims is complicated due to the material, size, location, and often intricate designs of millwork.

By entrusting the job to Painters Richmond Hill, you are sure of the results. The process is easy. You contact us and say what you need. We take a look and give you an estimate and, if you agree, we set the dates and discuss details about the paints and colors. Whether you want a full interior painting or just to refresh the trims and the crown molding in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we are your team.

Crown molding and trim painting Richmond Hill experts

If you are in Richmond Hill, crown molding and trim painting just became easy. You leave the job to us. As skilled painters with years of experience in this business, we know the right process of prepping and painting crown molding and trims – all types of millwork.

  •          Crown molding – millwork placed where the wall meets the ceiling to draw the eye up and make the room look higher.
  •          Baseboard – it’s the counterpoint of crown molding since it connects the wall and the floor and is placed to protect and hide the ugly corner.
  •          Wainscoting/wall paneling – wall panels meant to decorate and protect.
  •          Chair rail – trim placed at chair height mainly to protect the wall, it’s often the upper section of a wainscotting panel.
  •          Door/window trims-casing – the millwork that connects the window/door frame with the wall.
  •          Picture rail – trim a foot or two under the ceiling once used to hang artwork. Today, it’s only a decorative element.
  •          Picture frame molding – decorative trim placed as a picture frame on the wall once upon a time to frame art and recently to add visual interest.
  •          Corbel – L-shaped millwork placed against the wall under the ceiling to hold the weight – recently, only to decorate.
  •          Rosette – round, ornamental millwork placed on ceilings, walls, and columns.
  •          Plinths – additional decorative blocks placed at the bottom of door trims.
  •          Corner blocks – decorative elements at the corners of the crown molding.

Painting services for all types of millwork – from baseboard to crown molding

Most crown molding profiles have intricate designs. Whether the millwork is ornate or not, its imperfections are addressed before it’s painted. We understand that millwork is made of different materials, from wood to MDF and plaster. And so, the painters come prepared to prep – put fillers and sand, any material before they paint. Rest easy knowing that the paints are suitable for the material too. Plus, you get choices among paints – satin, glossy, or semi-glossy, depending on how imposing the results should be.

Millwork is found all over the house. Crown molding is also often the upper part of kitchen cabinets. Painting the millwork is often combined with painting the cabinets. Same thing with the doors and windows. If you want the trim painted, you may also want the doors and the windows painted.

Should we talk about the millwork in your home? Do you want to paint crown molding the same color as the walls? Want a different color for the crown molding, the baseboard, and the rest of the trims? Contact us. Let’s talk specifics about your crown molding and trim painting in Richmond Hill.