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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Are you considering scheduling kitchen cabinet painting in Richmond Hill, Ontario? If so, our company is at your service. By entrusting this important project to us, you can be certain of the thorough way it’s done. We focus on the preparation stage and suggest the most suitable paint colors and finishes to make your kitchen inviting, practical, and fresh again.

Will this be the first time to paint your kitchen cabinets? Do you want to book cabinet repainting? Do you want to have the cabinets stained? Regardless of the service you want, turn to Painters Richmond Hill. Let us give you some information about the way such projects are done.

Richmond Hill kitchen cabinet painting – making an inquiry

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Richmond Hill

If it’s time for kitchen cabinet painting, Richmond Hill homeowners may contact our company to discuss their project. Tell us about it. Book a free estimate and consultation. Since there’s no charge and no obligation, why shouldn’t you?

Our goal is to understand your cabinet painting needs and offer the best solutions for your kitchen. And you certainly want to know more, including the costs. So, should we do that? Call us. Or, send us a message.

Kitchen cabinet finishing services

As we mentioned above, not all people have the same kitchen cabinet painting needs. But no matter what you need, you can turn to our team for the service.

  •          First-time kitchen cabinet painting. Bring some color – neutral or vibrant, it doesn’t matter – to your kitchen to make it energetic again.
  •          Kitchen cabinet refinishing. Do you want to refresh the existing color? Do you hate the present color and want to change it? Is the existing paint damaged and so, it should be scraped off and then the cabinets repainted? Whatever your case, choose our team.
  •          Kitchen cabinet staining. Do you just want to have the cabinets stained to protect them from the kitchen’s steam and prolong their span? No problem. After all, there are stain colors today, if you want a lighter or darker hue.

The process of painting kitchen cabinets

  •          The first step of the service involves removing the hardware and cabinets, ensuring the job is done correctly.
  •          What follows is the good preparation of all surfaces. Depending on their condition and material, the pros clean, fix, and sand as required, making all surfaces free of dents and other imperfections as well as level and smooth. In other words, prepped for the finishing stage.
  •          Then, the painters finish the cabinets as previously agreed. They use the agreed painting method, coatings, and finishes to deliver your dream kitchen cabinets.
  •          The final stage involves the reinstallation of all cabinets and hardware as well as an overall inspection to make sure everything is done to your full satisfaction.

Want to breathe new life into your old cabinets and make your kitchen as good as new? Contact us. Let’s talk about your project. If you are ready to get a free estimate for kitchen cabinet painting, Richmond Hill’s most experienced team is at your disposal.